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We’re committed to making your medico-legal journey as convenient and straightforward as possible. We offer medico-legal services to suit a range of matters and have an extensive network of reputable medical experts and first-class experience.

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IME (Independent Medical Examination)

An IME requests a medical expert to give an independent medical opinion on an individual's injury or illness. The IME report can confirm diagnosis, causation, prognosis, and treatment options. It can also determine if a medical condition has stabilised and how it has impacted an individual's life. This type of opinion is frequently requested in personal injury and insurance claims and to determine a worker's fitness.

Red Connect (Virtual IME/Telehealth, Hybrid)

Our Red Connect service makes facilitating IMEs easier when dealing with distance or distress. We can arrange both virtual and hybrid assessment modes almost anywhere. A virtual assessment is suited for psychological and some physical conditions. A hybrid assessment involves a surrogate practitioner accompanying the examinee. The surrogate practitioner will assist the medical expert by undertaking any required physical testing while under the expert's supervision. We will help you determine which delivery mode best suits your case in consultation with the medical expert. We also take all the necessary steps to arrange Red Connect, including testing IT equipment before the appointment.

Medical Attendant Statement (MAS)

A medical expert from our approved MAS Medical Panel will independently complete a medical attendance statement to accompany an individual’s TPD or Income Protection claim. The MAS will assist the individual’s claim process by providing a medical opinion about their incapacity for employment. Our medical expert will carefully review all the medical files relating to an individual’s case before completing the MAS form, along with a short report, if requested. All MAS statements are guaranteed to be completed and returned to clients within seven days.

Red Review (Desktop File Review)

A file review may be what you need for matters where a standard IME is not indicated, or you are seeking some medical insight before going all in. By providing a medical expert with a brief of evidence and a letter of instruction, you can obtain their independent medical opinion over the phone and/or in a written report. File reviews commonly clarify medically complex cases and medical negligence claims.

After IME Support

Our service doesn’t stop after the IME report has been issued. We continue to be available for after care services such as clarifications, supplementary reports and court evidence requests. We’re here to help.

Advisory Services

For general guidance and advice, we help you with our extensive knowledge and experience. From our CEO to our senior team members to our network of medical experts, we’re known for our ability to assist our clients with a wide range of queries. These include but are not limited to which specialty or specialist to use, stable and stationary timeframes, review or estimation of permanent impairment ratings, and much more.

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At Red Health, we’ve curated a network of medical experts across Australia. These experts cover a diverse range of medical disciplines, such as psychiatry, orthopaedics, neurology, and occupational medicine, to name a few. Our broad range of medical disciplines ensures our clients can access expert medical opinion for their specific needs.

Explore the specialties in our Referral Network, learn about each specialty and subspecialty’s areas of expertise, and discover how they contribute to medico-legal opinion.

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