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Red Health Online is our open 24/7 booking portal where you can book IMEs, find Medical Expert availability, search for Medical Experts by specialty, and update and manage bookings all on your schedule.

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Medical experts in our Referral Network offer our clients a reputable, punctual, thorough service with over 40 disciplines covered.

20+ years

Of experience connecting medical experts with clients looking for quality medico-legal opinions.

<10 days

Average turnaround time for a report to be issued by one of our independent medical examiners. *based on standard referrals

Using Red Health Online for your Matters

Book an IME (Independent Medical Examination)

Medical Experts on Red Health's Referral Network can provide expert medical opinion via a Independent Medical Examination on a variety of matters, such as personal injury, compulsory third party (CTP), public liability, permanent impairment, fitness for work, work capacity, income protection, and total and permanent disability. Red Health has offices in Brisbane, Townsville, and Hobart, and we offer limited assessments for Medical Expert travel.

Book a Red Connect (Virtual IME/Telehealth)

Red Health with our Referral Network can facilitate our Red Connect service, delivering IME consultations virtually from their offices in Brisbane. This allows an assessment to take place online using video conferencing software, which is ideal if an individual can’t travel due to medical or financial restrictions.

Search Our Referral Network

Red Health's full Referral Network is available on Red Health Online 24/7. The latest additions and changes are available on Red Health Online first.

Reschedule and Cancel Appointments

When circumstances change in your matters, use Red Health Online to reschedule your IMEs or cancel if the appoitment is no longer required.

Request Interpreters for Matters

Bound over language barriers with our range of interpreters ready to assist your examinee's assessment with our Medical Experts.

Manage Cases and Matters

See IME status changes live, update appointment details, upload documents (including Letter of Instruction and Brief) and create notes on cases and matters you've created.

Just want to say love the look of the new Red Health Portal.  Fresh, clean and great that upcoming IME appts are in date order with the date the Brief is required by.

Look forward to using it more to see how the rest of it goes!

- Cheryl,


I just wanted to let you know that I love the new portal – much easier to use and looks great! Thanks so much for upgrading for us all – will definitely make life a bit easier at this end.

- Susan,

People and Culture

Request with Red Health Online

Sometimes your matters need something a bit unique for success. With Red Health Online, you can request our Desktop File Review service, start the process for your expert witness Court Appearance, or discuss your matter with a Medical Expert on the phone.

Request a Red Review (Desktop File Review)

For matters where a physical or virtual assessment is not required, Red Health and our Referral Network can conduct our Red Review service. This is a detailed and thorough assessment of the supplied file and opinion can be provided verbally or in a written report.

Request Medical Expert Court Attendance

For matters where a member of our Referral Network has provided medico-legal opinion, Red Health will help you schedule a court appearance with as much flexibility as their clinical commitments allow.

Request Matter Consultation via Phone

Red Health's Refferal Network is available to briefly discuss initial details of your matter prior to requesting an IME with themselves and Red Health.

Red Health Online FAQ

What is Red Health Online?

Red Health Online is a booking portal where you can make and manage bookings for Independent Medical Assessments with Red Health. This includes making a new booking, updating details on a booking, sharing your Letter of Instruction and Brief to the Specialist, and downloading your report when it’s ready.

Why do I need to provide my mobile number?

The requirement to provide a mobile number for 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a standard security measure designed to enhance the protection of your account. It’s an additional layer of security for your account and allows us to verify your identity if we need to reset your 2FA.


We won’t contact you on your mobile phone unless you tell us we can. If you have a business number that you can be contacted on, we recommend entering this in the “Work Phone” field.


Rest assured, we take your privacy seriously, and your mobile number will only be used for authentication and security purposes. It will not be shared, sold, or used for marketing purposes. If you have concerns about providing your mobile number, please refer to our privacy policy for more details on how your information is handled.

Do I need 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)?

We’re committed to protecting your data and the best way to do this is to use 2 Factor Authentication, which reduces the risk of someone accessing your account. For this reason, 2 Factor Authentication is required.

Where do I find the authenticator?

We recommend using Google Authenticator. This is a mobile phone app that can be found on either the Apple AppStore, or the Google Play Store.

What do I need to do to set the authenticator up?

We’ve created a handy user guide to show you how to setup Google Authenticator on your mobile phone, and link it with your Red Health Online account. You can see it here.

I have requested a log in but have not received anything?

When you request a login through our “Enquire Now” page, our team will get a notification, and generally give you a call to discuss your needs, and confirm some details.  Once they have spoken to you, they’ll send you an email with your login details.

Can I use my personal email address?

We ask our clients to use their business email addresses.  This helps us identify users if we need to.

I prefer the old platform; can I keep using that?

We’re glad you liked our old platform – we really liked it too. But we’re passionate about providing the best client experience possible, and part of that means investing in the right technology to support our clients and give them what they need at their fingertips. We’re confident you’ll love our new booking portal, and for this reason, we’ve deactivated access to our old platform.

What happens to my previous bookings?

All previous bookings have been duplicated into our new booking portal.  You will see everything you have booked through us since March 2023. If you need any booking data from pre-March 2023, please call our Client Experience Team on 1300 100 733, and we’ll be able to assist you with the information you need.

Can I still call or email?

Our people are pretty great, and it’s no surprise you’ll want to call us every now and then. So we’re here for you via phone call, email, and even live chat. Please reach out to us in the way that is most convenient to you. Our booking portal can help you manage your bookings easily, and we recommend you check it out, but we’ll still be here for you.

If I don’t know the specialty or specialist I am after, what do I do?

We have a lot of choices available, and we love matching the right Specialist with the right client. If you’re not sure, give us a call, shoot us an email, or jump on our Live Chat. We’ll happily help you out.

How do I make a booking in Red Health Online?

We’ve created some handy user guides, to walk you through the most common tasks you’ll perform. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the “How To” guides (the Question Mark icon) in the left hand menu. Here you can click on the right guide, and follow the steps.

An error message has popped up on my screen, and I don’t know what to do.

We’re sorry about that. Give our Client Experience Team a call on 1300 100 733, and we’ll be able to assist you.

I’ve made a booking. How long will it be before I get a confirmation?

Once you see the confirmation message on screen, you can rest assured that your booking is made, and no one else can take it from you.  You’ll get an email confirmation a few minutes later, and if we need to confirm any details with you, then we’ll give you a call within one business day.

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How To Guide: Create a New Account and Set-Up 2FA

We require the use of 2FA for user and information security and confidentiality. This guide shows the account creation, password setting, and authenticator set-up steps.