The NEW Red Health Online Has Launched!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the new look Red Health Online (RHO) – our brand new online booking portal.

RHO is a complete reinvention of how medico-legal bookings are handled.

It’s the fresher, faster, and friendlier version of what you’ve known – and it’s going to make your Medico-Legal journey with us even easier to navigate! This new online portal has been in the works for a long time now, and represents our ongoing commitment to humanising the medical-legal industry.

Imagine having the power to manage your medico-legal bookings anytime, anywhere?

That’s the promise of Red Health Online. It’s our 24/7 solution, ensuring you’re never left waiting when time is of the essence. Whether it’s midday on a tropical beach or the early hours of the morning, RHO is your always-available booking assistant for IMEs across Australia. 

Let’s take a tour of Red Health Online’s exciting upgrade!

Red Health Online: Here to make your life easier

At Red Health Online, we’re all about making your professional life a bit easier.

Think of it as your go-to IME assistant, ready and waiting to sort out your medico-legal tasks just when you need it. Whether it’s finding a medical expert in a flash or scheduling an appointment outside normal hours, RHO is here to take the stress out of your day.

Industry-first Live Chat feature

In a groundbreaking move, Red Health proudly introduces a live chat feature to RHO. This feature not only streamlines the booking process but also provides immediate, personalised assistance to users, setting a new standard in the medico-legal industry.

Users of RHO will have real-time access to support, fostering a seamless and efficient communication channel.

Access to 200+ experts

Our network of medical experts is something we’re really proud of.

With over 200 medical professionals across a broad range of more than 40 specialties, you’re truly spoiled for choice when securing an independent medical examiner.

Regardless of the type of matter or case you’re managing – Red Health Online can connect you with the right expert, and find you the availability you need, with just a few clicks!

Effortless IME bookings

We know how tricky Independent Medical Examinations can be for lawyers, insurance professionals, and others in need of a medico-legal report.

That’s why our platform is all about simplicity and efficiency. We guide you smoothly through the process, helping you find and book the right medical expert for your case without the hassle.

Virtual IMEs with Red Connect

If your matter involves the added complexity of distance (perhaps the examinee lives remotely or requires additional assistance to travel) a virtual IME or telehealth appointment might be required. Good news! Red Health Online can help you book those as well! Suitable for both psychological and physical assessments, Red Connect enables an assessment to take place from almost anywhere.

Flexible booking management

We can all agree that life can be unpredictable. Red Health Online is designed with flexibility as a core principle. Need to modify an appointment? It’s easy.

You can reschedule or cancel with just a few clicks, all without the stress. Our aim is to keep your workflow moving along, even in the face of unexpected changes.

Red Health Online Launches: Medical-legal, Made Simple

Interpreter services for clear communication

We believe language shouldn’t be a barrier, especially in medico-legal matters where clarity is incredibly important. That’s why we offer assistance to schedule and organise interpreter services.

Organised case management

Keeping your cases organised can be challenging, but not with Red Health Online and your personalised dashboard!

Our platform simplifies case management, allowing you to update appointment details, upload necessary documents, and jot down important notes, all conveniently in one place. The platform makes organisation more intuitive, so that you can concentrate on what truly matters.

Solid security with 2FA

We take your security seriously. That’s why Red Health Online implements two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance the security of your data and communications on our platform. It’s an additional layer of protection that abides by Australian privacy law and provides peace of mind.

Tailored solutions for your unique needs

Every case is different, but we’ve got everything you need to handle those special requirements. Need a comprehensive file review, help with arranging a court appearance, or a quick discussion over the phone? Whatever it is, RHO is here to make it happen.

Bringing Red Health’s core values to life

Red Health’s journey has always been about more than just providing services; it’s about creating an experience that makes every client, examinee , and medical specialist feel valued and supported.

As we celebrate over a decade in the Medico-Legal industry, we’re proud to add the new Red Health Online to our legacy of humanising the IME experience, which brings our values to life in new and exciting ways.

Celebrating a new chapter in medico-legal services at Red Health

We’re so excited to hear what you all think about the new platform and trust that it will make your medical-legal journey even more seamless.

Are you ready to experience a more straightforward, more human medico-legal process? Red Health Online is here for you. Try it out for yourself today!